ECT seminar Spring 2009: The Collective

1. April 2 Introduction 1: The Collective, Between Athens and Jerusalem: Jerusalem: Ra’anan Boustan and Ken Reinhard Exodus, 11–21:11; Paul, Galatians
Ronald Hendel, “Israel Among the Nations: Biblical Culture in the Ancient Near East” PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 ; Daniel and Jonathan Boyarin , “Diaspora: Generation and the Ground of Jewish Identity”; Paula Fredriksen , “What ‘Parting of the Ways’?”;
Charlotte Fonrobert , “The Political Symbolism of the Eruv”; Davina Cooper , “Talmudic Territory? Space, Law, and Modernist Discourse”

2. April 7, 6-9 pm [NOTE DATE/TIME] Introduction 2: The Collective, Between Athens and Jerusalem: Athens: John McCumber
Plato, Crito; Republic, Books I, II and V (pp. 468-471); Book X (suggested);
Aristotle, Politics, Books I, III, VI, VII

3. April 14, 3-6 pm [NOTE SPECIAL DATE] Slavoj Zizek, “Why Hegel is Not a Hegelian” Slavoj Zizek, The Parallax View, chapters 1 and 2;
Catherine Malabou, The Future of Hegel: Plasticity, Temporality and Dialectic Derrida’s Preface Introduction Future of Hegel 1 Future of Hegel 2 Future of Hegel 3
April 15 Slavoj Zizek lecture (5:00, Royce 314): “From the Critique of Religion to the Critique of Political Economy”

4. April 23 Doug Kellner, “Communism and the Collective” Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto

5. April 30 Ken Reinhard and Jason Smith, “Collectivity in the Open” Rilke, 8th “Duino Elegy
Heidegger, What Are Poets For? ; Parmenides, excerpt ;
Agamben, The Open, The Open pp. 57-62;
Badiou, The Point as Choice and as Place Logics of Worlds pp. 403-424;
Badiou, Brief extra excerpt from LM
Badiou, “On the Open” (DVD on reserve or streaming on line)
Freud, Selections from Civilization and ‘Negation’
May 5 Catherine Malabou lecture (5:00 p.m., in Student Center, Moss Cove A, UC Irvine): “How is Subjectivity Undergoing Deconstruction Today? Philosophy, Auto-Hetero-Affection, and Neurobiological Emotion”

May 6 Catherine Malabou lecture (5:00, Royce 314), “On ‘Post-traumatic subjectivity’” (Recommended reading: Slavoj Zizek, “Descartes and the Post-Traumatic Subject”; download here)

6. May 7 Catherine Malabou, “The New Phantoms of Subjectivity: From the Book Without Author to Neural Transparency”
Michel Foucault and Maurice Blanchot, The Thought from the Outside;
Catherine Malabou, What Should We Do With Our Brain?;
Slavoj Zizek, The Parallax View, Ch. 4 “A cognitivist Hegel ?”;
Suggested other readings: Antonio Damasio, Looking for Spinoza; Antonio Damasio, The Feeling of Oneself; Thomas Metzinger, Being No One
Malabou Interview

7. May 14 Samuel Weber, “Toward A Politics of Singularity: The Single Trait”

Samuel Weber, The Single Trait
Walter Benjamin, Fate and Character
Walter Benjamin, Critique of Violence

8. May 21 Nathan Brown, “Speculative Materialism: Quentin Meillassoux’s After Finitude” Quentin Meillassoux, After Finitude;
Quentin Meillassoux, Contribution to “Symposium on Speculative Materialism,” Collapse, Volume III Louis Althusser, Lenin and Philosophy
May 26 Peter Sloterdijk lecture CANCELLED

9. May 28 Freud and Lacan on Collectivity Freud, Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego
Lacan, Logical Time and the Assertion of Anticipated Certainty Secondary Readings
Hans Kelson, The Conception of the State and Social PsychologyWith Special Reference to Freud’s Group Theory
Etienne Balibar, The Invention of the Superego-Freud and Kelson
Bruce Fink, “Logical Time and the Precipitation of Subjectivity” (in Reading Seminars I and II: Lacan’s Return to Freud)
Alain Badiou, Theory of the Subject (sessions of April 3 and 10, 1978 on Lacan’s “Logical Time”)

10. June 4 On Community: Jason Smith, Eleanor Kaufman, and Ken Reinhard Blanchot, The Unavowable Community;
Nancy, The Inoperative Community;
Agamben, The Coming Community