ECT Seminar, winter and spring 2016 Philosophy, Art, Politics

Winter Quarter

1. Jan. 7                      Introduction: Philosophy, Art, and Politics           

                                   Alain Badiou, “Art and Philosophy”;

                                   Jacques Rancière, “The Paradoxes of Political Art”              


2. Jan. 14                    Plato

                                    Plato, The Republic (Books I-III; VI-VII; X)

                                    Badiou, Hypertranslation of Plato’s Republic (selections)


3. Jan. 21                    Plato, cont.; Aristotle, Poetics, Politics (selections)

                                    Rancière, “From Archipolitics to Metapolitics”

Badiou, “What is a Poem? Or, Philosophy and Poetry at the point of the Unnameable”


4. Jan. 28                    Guest Speaker, Page duBois: “Swarms and the Democratic Insect”

                                    Aristophanes, Wasps

                                    Page duBois, “The Democratic Insect: Productive Swarms”

                                    Achille Mbembe, “Necropolitics”


5. Feb. 4                     Kant              

Kant, Critique of Pure Reason (selections); Critique of Judgment (selections)


Tues. Feb. 9                 ECT Symposium: Joseph Cohen, “The History of Philosophy and Anti-Judaism” (co-sponsored by the CJS and Comparative Literature)

Suggested reading:

Kant: Religion Within the Boundaries of Mere Reason;

Nietzsche, The Genealogy of Morality.


Thurs. Feb. 11           Guest Lecture: Joseph Cohen, “The ‘Unthinkable’ in Heidegger’s

History of Being: Judaism and the Black Notebooks

                                    (co-sponsored by the CJS and Comparative Literature)


6. Tues. Feb. 16          Kant

                                    Kant, Critique of Judgment, cont.

                                    Hannah Arendt, Lectures on Kant’s Political Philosophy (selections)


7. Feb. 18                   Guest Speaker, Jason Smith on Hegel’s Aesthetics        

Hegel, Lectures on Aesthetics (selections)  


8. Feb. 25                   Guest Speaker, T.J. Clark: “Heaven on Earth”

Bruegel’s Land of Cockaigne, Giotto’s Dream of Joachim, Poussin’s Sacrament of Marriage, and Veronese’s Allegories of Love, Picasso’s UNESCO Mural, the Fall of Icarus

Reading TBA


9. March 3                  Guest speaker, Patrick Coleman on Rousseau

Rousseau, “Letter to D’Alembert on the Theatre”

Other reading TBA                                        


10. March 10              Guest Speaker, John McCumber on Nietzsche

                                    Nietzsche, “On Truth add Lies in a Non-Moral Sense”; 

“The Greek State” and “Homer’s Contest”;

Will to Power Book II Sections 3 and 4

Spring Quarter           (draft)

1. March 31                Marx (or Lukács and Brecht)


2. April 7                    Lukács and Brecht (or Adorno)


3. April 14                  Guest Speaker, Davide Panagia on Benjamin

Edgar Allan Poe, “The Man of the Crowd”

Walter Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological

Reproducibility: Version 2”; “The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility: Version 3” (skim); “The Formula in Which the Dialectical Structure of Film Finds Expression”;

Miriam Hansen, “Room-for-Play: Benjamin’s Gamble with Cinema”


Charles Baudelaire, The Painter of Modern Life

Rae Beth Gordon, “From Charcot to Charlot: Unconscious Imitation and

Spectatorship In French Cabaret and Early Cinema”


4. April 21                  Guest Speaker, Judith Butler on Marx and “Worldly Philosophy”

                                    Marx, early writings on critique and religion (TBA)


5. April 28                  Guest Speaker, Kristin Ross on the Paris Commune, “Communal Luxury

6. May 5                     Guest Speaker, Jason Smith on Guy Dubord and The Situationists


May 10                   ECT Symposium: William Marotti, “Art and Politics in Japan’s 1960s” (5:00, Humanities 348)

William Marotti, “The Art of the Everyday, as Crisis: Objets, Installations, Weapons, and the Origin of Politics”; “Japan 1968: The Performance of Violence and the Theater of Protest”; “Proletarian Who Possessed Objets: the 1960s Politics of Akasegawa Genpei”; “The Untimely Timeliness of Nakajima Yoshio”; “The Lives and Afterlives of Art and Politics in the 1960s, from Anpo/Anpan to Bigakkō”


7. May 12                   Guest Speaker, Bruno Bosteels on the Mexican Commune


8. May 19                   Guest Speaker, Jodi Dean, “Not An Alternative: The Natural History Museum”


     May 24                   ECT Symposium: Jodi Dean, “Crowds and Party”


9. May 26                   Guest Speaker, Davide Panagia on Rancière, Art, and Politics

Jacques Rancière: Aisthesis (Prelude and Chapters 1,6, 11, 14)

Panagia/Rancière: “Dissenting Words: A Conversation with Jacques Rancière”

Jacques Rancière: Ten Theses on Politics


10. June 2                   Badiou: Art and Politics as Truth Procedures



ECT Seminar 2016: Philosophy, Art, Politics