ECT Certificate Requirements

Students enrolled in any affiliated Ph.D. or MFA granting program at UCLA may apply for admittance into the Program in Experimental Critical Theory, which is to be administered by a three person Executive Committee (including a Director) and a larger Advisory Committee, under the supervision of the UCLA Department of Comparative Literature.  Students who enter  the program are required to have and maintain a grade point average of 3.4 or above.  If the two quarter core seminar sequence is to be offered the following winter and spring quarters, the Director of the program will issue a call for applications the previous fall to all affiliated departments at UCLA, to be distributed to their graduate students.  If the two quarter core seminar sequence is to be fall and winter quarters, the call for applications will be issued the previous spring quarter.  All applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee, and students accepted to the program will be admitted to the two quarter core seminar and their home department advisor or advisors will be notified.  The seminar will normally be lead by the Director, and a topic and syllabus for each year’s sequence will be established by the Director and the other members of the Executive Committee.  The Advisory Committee will be encouraged to help with establishing topics and Advisory Committee, Affiliated Faculty, and Executive Committee members may be asked to lead individual sessions of the seminar.  Depending on available funds, the Executive Committee may also invite scholars from outside UCLA to lead a session or sessions of the seminar.  Each spring, the Director will ask the Graduate Chairs of all affiliated departments to provide a list of seminars that might fulfill the requirement for two theory seminars beyond the core courses (see #2 below), and the Executive Committee will establish a list of approved seminars for the following year.

In order to receive the Certificate in Experimental Critical Theory, students must fulfill the following requirements:

1) Successful completion (with a letter grade of A or A-) of the two quarter core course, the Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory (each course is 5 credits.)  Students are not required to take the two quarters of the core seminar sequentially, but they are encouraged to do so.

2)Successful completion of two other theory seminars at UCLA (with a letter grade of A or A-) , from an approved list of courses (courses may be for 4 or 5 credits each.)  Students             may petition to the PECT Executive        Committee for other seminars to be accepted in lieu of those explicitly approved.  The total credits need to fulfill the course requirements for the certificate (the required two quarter seminar and the two elective courses) are a minimum of 18.

3) A paper of publishable length and quality on a theoretical topic, written in consultation with an advisor on the PECT Advisory Committee.  The criteria for “publishable” should be based on the standards of a major journal in the student’s field, and should be established in consultation with the advisor.  This paper may be revised from a seminar paper, or it may be a new project.  Students may register for a 4 credit independent study with their advisor, if they choose, but this will not count as part of the seminar requirements for the certificate.  In either case, the paper must be approved by the advisor, and submitted to the Executive Committee for final approval.

4) Year-long participation in the bi-quarterly ECT Colloquium, in which UCLA or visiting professors will present a paper (pre-distributed written or spoken).  The ECT           Colloquium will be established by the Executive Committee each fall; it will consist of talks organized by the committee, works in progress by UCLA faculty, talks sponsored by the Department of Comparative Literature, and talks sponsored by other department or programs, as determined by the committee.  Students are required to attend all six of the colloquia for the year in which they decide to fulfill the requirement; up to two missed colloquia can be made up by attending other approved lectures.

Upon completion of these requirements, as certified by the PECT Executive Committee, and upon completion of Ph.D. or MFA requirements, as certified by the student’s home department, the student will be awarded the Certificate in Experimental Critical Theory by the UCLA Department of Comparative Literature, to be signed by the Chair of the Department of Comparative Literature and the Director of the Program in Experimental Critical Theory.